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Did you know that the apparell industry is one of if not the largest traded industry in the world?

It's time to get your share, It's time to make your mark and we are here to help you do it!

Becoming a member with Medic Clothing has many benenfits.  

You can now use our services as your own.

Build your own printing company, clothing brand, marketing company or anything else you can think of using Medic as your resource to great pricing, great products, large selections and great quality.



What you need to ask yourself

Why waste thousands of dollars buying your own equipment  and working just to pay it off when we provide an instant return?


Why waste countless hours learning the process and trying to perfect it when we have already done it for you and are here to work?


Why waste money paying for shirts you don't need working with shops with only high minimums?


Why waste the time printing when you can spend that time working to find more customers to build you even more business?

As a member of Medic Clothing you will have access to merchandise, tools, products, selling guides, promotional items and much much more to help you on your way to creating a great business with none of the risks that you face starting it alone.

Or simply just use us for all of your own personal projects and know that you always have a reliable partner waiting to help.



As a member of Medic Clothing you have access to many different tools.


Recieve a custom web site where you can set your own mark ups and allow customers to view all the products you can offer them.


Discounted printing pricing not available to non members.


Recieve special notifications of product sales to further increase your margins and bargains for your customers.


Discounted clothing and more.


Selling tools and documents to help you succeed and be more effective.

Our goal with our members is to provide discounted printing and merchandise at the highest quality available.


We keep our prices low allowing you to make good profit at high margins selling our services as your own should you be in this to build a buisiness and new opportunity for yourself.


By allowing you to set your own margins you can cater to your customers and stay extremely competitive with others in the market. 


Should you become a member just for personal projects and fun you will enjoy knowing you have a printing partner you can trust that will give you the best prices possible.


If you have any questions or concerns please let us know and send an email from the contact page.


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